Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Sorry if your boxed....

There is the thing that we call heirarchy of need this was made by abraham maslow. being a marketing student i have tackled this for almost 4yrs now since im graduating this semester. what always hit me is the third step which is belongingness. in our lifetime we always seek to belong in a group or something we want to be accepted for who we are and what we do.

and i know for many of us we have are own set of close friends, these are the people we text whenever we want to, the people we can say anything or everything for that matter. yes they are always there you might even have made a simple world of your own were you are the only ones who can understand each other.

but still how can you grow as a complte person if you let yourself be boxed in just three to four friends, i am not saying that they are bad but really it would be best for you if you widen your horizons a little bit. because in life you cannot just stay in one place be put or be steady how can you gain knowledge if you let yourself be boxed forever. that is why we always say we can only learn so much inside the classroom. just like if we stay boxed in a group we would not be able to gain knowledge that we are capable of.

that is why i feel sorry for people that is boxed up in there own world. who is closminded about everything because these are the people that only limited things.

ending these blog i would like to say that let us all strive to seek knowledge and belong not just to a group but to the world. let us widen our horizon because there is a ocean of knowledge out there that is just waiting for us to dive into...

Thursday, October 14, 2004

How would you know...

Quoting the greatest basketball player to have ever lived #23 "winning is sweeter for me because i have experinced defeat first". correct how would he have known how sweat winning is if always won.

how would you know that you are having a shitty day when all trhe days of yor life is shitty, how would you know that failing an exam sucks if you haven't failed, how would you know the fullfillment of accomplishing something if you haven't accomplished anything, how would you know love if you haven't felt being loved before.

let us admit that all of us at one point or another have felt that we know so much, that we know it all, that what we have been through is extraordinary. thats why the authority figure is really blurry for our generation thats why we feel that we are always the boss because we know everything with just one click of the mouse information is given to us in full detail.
but again how would we know how to be a boss when we have not been a follower.

thats why we still need guidance, we still need to listen to people who are older why? because they have something that we still know nothing of experience...

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Para matapos na... Manok o Itlog?

Dati pa pinagtatalunan, bakit ganun hanggang ngayon wala parin makasagot? ano ba talaga nauna manok o itlog? sigurado hanggang ngayon pinagiisipan nyo parin ano ba talaga nauna? halika at tapusin na natin ang pagtatalo, nakakapikon na eh!

Para masagot itong katanungan na ito kelangan natin bumalik sa unang unang unang panahon, ano gagamitin history books! pero hindi naman nakasaad dito sa mga librong ito kung ano ba talaga ang nauna, kahgit mag research ka hindi mo parin makita ang kasagutan, san kaya natin ito makikita?

Hindi lng natin alam na ang kasagutan ay asa isang libro na parati nating binabasa (talaga lang ha!...) and bibliya! kung ating babasahin ang genesis na on Day something.... God created all the animals on land! o edi tapos ang usapan!

Hindi naman sinabi sa bibliya na God created all the eggs eh dbu? kaya simula ngayon pag narinig nyo uli na pinagtatalunan ang topic na ito, makisingit na kayo at sabihin manok! basahin mo ang bibliya!

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Quit = NEVER!

The first time i was asked spell quit, obviously i answered and with conviction i might add capital QUIT! the guy just smirked and said wrong! why?

because in our world right now quitting is what we do best, we take the easy way out sorry to say but that is what we do best, it's the easiest way out for all of us just quit, we forget everything that we could accomplish by just finishing something, we dont's see the lessons that we learn by finishing, that's the stupidest thing that we can do quit

it is so easy to say that you had enough, i don't want anymore stop, you are underestimating your own ability, you have put limitations on what you are able to do, you let something beat you sad so sad

we should keep fighting because in the end, i am sure that if you do and not quit the filling of satisfaction, fullfillment is enough of a reward for all of us, it's the best filling in the world accomplishing something and saying i did it, but how can you accomplish if you quit...

in life there are so many challenges that GOD throws at us, sometimes so hard that we just want to quit! we don't see that it is just a test of our faith! and we forget tend not to see the lessons that we can get from all these, remember the saying what does not kill you will make you stronger...

So the next time someone asks you spell quit you know the spelling Capital NEVER...

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

hope you see the point!

Hospitality... one of the best traits of a Filipino! we are even known all over the world for this trait, but when do we say that we are being too hospitable?

i had a prof who was hospitable,super hospitable!

i have these experience where in i enrolled in a class that should be taught in our native tounge, but since a foreign student was enrolled in the class the professor taught the subject matter in english which is ok! so Hospitable yup i think so!

but then as we went along the course during the semester the foreign student was getting all the perks that us locals are not, he was getting special projects, allowed to take special quizzes, excused from absents, and was even allowed to use handouts during exams! wow hospitable super!

when class cards was being given out at the end of the sem, the foreigner talked to our prof and you know me i listened but pretended i was doing other things. the foreigner said thank you, the prof said it was nothing it was easy adjusting the class for you, Filipino hospitality! exact words! that i heard

now that just made my blood boil! why are we the ones who were suppose to adjust to them? they are the ones studying here in our country they should be the ones adjusting to us not us to them right? why do we look at the foreigners and admire them so much that we forget that they are the ones here in our country visiting and admiring us! it is just so sad that we tend to over use these hospitality showing them that we are good and stuff that we mess up our pride!

i am going nowhere on these blog, i just want to say that let us not think less of ourselves and adjust everything to accomodate them living so much less for the local filipinos who really need help! first let us be hospitable with our fellow country men before we even start on showing how good we are to the world! hope you got my point!!!!

yung ngayon...

Sa ating buhay ang napagdaanan na at ang hinaharap ay mas binibigyan ng kahalagahan kesa sa kasalukuyan, mas importante satin ang noon at bukas kesa sa ngayon...

bakit lahat nalang ng ginagawa natin ngayon ay nagbabase sa nakaraan? at ang mga ginagawa natin ngayon ay para sa ating hinaharap? mas importante b talaga ang nakaraan at hinaharap sa kasalukuyan, kesa sa ngayon?

diba ang mga nangyari nung nakaraan ay tapos na at hindi na mababago pa? at hindi din natin alam kung aabutin pa tayo ng isang bukas? oo importante din naman talaga na pagaralan at kumuha ng leksyon sa nakaraan at dapat talaga hubugin na natin ang sarili para sa hinaharap

pero para sakin mas dapat parin natin bnibigyan pansin ang mga nangyayari satin ngayon, kase ito na ang hinubog ng ating nakaraan at ito ang humuhubog sa ating hinaharap. kaya tayo ganito ay dahil sa ating nakaraan at kung ano ang magiging tayo ay dahil sa kasalukuyan.

wag sana nating kalimutan na dapat tayo ay mabuhay para satin ngayon at hindi para sa ating kahapon at hinaharap, tandaan sana nating lahat na importante ang lahat ng nangyari sa atin, at hindi mali na pagplanuhan na ang hinaharap, pero ang pinakamahalagang panahon parin sa ating mga buhay ay yung ngayon...

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Globalized or Americanized?

When we accept new things here in our country bought by bout by globalization we always tend to corelate this us being americanized, maybe for the reason being that we are really the most westernized country in asia. But when we look at our country now are we really being globalized or we are just plainly being americanized?

This super power country has had a hand on almost so many decisions that our gov't has done internationally and sometimes locally, our country is slowly but surely taking over us or have they already?

Globalization is basically an exchange of culture between countries our the world? then why is it that i only see american culture takin over our traditional filipino culture? we have been affected by globalization in the past we have addapted and accepted other countries culture before just look at our history books.

I would be a hypocrite if i would say that i havent accepted some or even alot of the american ways. i know we could not stop this things from happening but wouldnt it be great if we could adapt other countries culture to. for the betterment of each and evry single one of us?

Globalized or Americanized, wouldn't it be great if we got some of their good culture and infuse them in ours? but no matter what we should not forget who we are! we are Filipinos and we should be proud of who we are. lets not try so hard to be somebody were not!

Oi pare musta?

Astig talaga pag my nakita ka na kakilala mo nakasalubong mo tapos bigla sinabi sayo "oi pare musta?" tapos bigla nalang aalisan ka? kagulo bakit ganun? bakit kelangan m pa mangamusta kung ndi ka din naman handa na makipag usap dun sa sinabihan mo dapat nag "hi" ka nalang dbu?

Ang labo talaga dbu? pano kung yung nakasalubong m na yun e talagang mabigat yung saloobin, tapos gustong maglabas ng problema e walang mapaglabasan? bigla m nakasalubong tapos "oi pare musta?" tapos bigla m tinalikuran? kagulo yun dbu?

Ano ang gusto kong ipahiwatig? sobrang babaw! dapat kapag kinamusta mo ng isang tao handa kang makinig, handa kang tumigil sa harap nya at hintayin kung my sasabihin yung taong kinamusta mo? malay mo sobrang makakatulong ka pala sakanya dbu? kung hindi ka handa kumausap at kausapin wag m na kamustahin! hi nalang ok na! mas gudjab pa yun!

Monday, September 27, 2004


Look at the world now so many people complain about so many things, you have so much yet you still say Unfair! none of us is spared from the upper classes to the lower ones everybody has something to complain about unfair!

The inequalities int the world, the justice system of our country, favoritism in the classrooms, food in the table, from the macro to the micro level we cant stop but see the unfairness of everything. so sad that even an innocent child feels that they are being treated unfairly, you see third world countries being eaten alive by first worlds, the rich complaining they have things but still are not happy, the poor complaining they have none yet they dont do anything about it but complain.

the world is so unfair we have got to face reality that this world that we are living in would never ever be fair. its just that we have to be contented or get our lazy buts up and do something about this but still the world would be unfair.

The happiest persons in the world are those persons that have accepted the fact that the world is unfair!

Be the maker not the product......

In this world that we are living in right now, the line between good and bad is very unclear. We still do bad things even if we know that it is bad, and we tend to neglect what we should be doing the good things...

We live in a world were how we should live is being dictated by the society or community that we are living in. we right now are being products of our communities when what we should really be are makers, we should make a difference.

Example a kid who grows up in a community where everybody is a killer 99% of the time that kid becomes a killer also. Even with our friends not because they are doing things we should also do it right? your not cool if you dont do this or you dont do that, why not let them see that the thing that they are doing thats whats uncool.

i know it is really hard to say no to not become what other people wants us not to be dictated by the community. but dont you think we should start being the maker of a community that loves and respects, a community that the younger generations can look up to. lets strat now before its to late!